Monday, November 08, 2010

I (Kind of) Really Heart Boise


I was at work last Thursday morning, you know - working, when I got an e-mail that made me really excited. I got the go-ahead to fly up to Boise, Idaho that very afternoon for a quick, end-of-the-season day in the field. I rushed home to book the flight and hotel, do laundry, pack, and have lunch with my husband, then off to Boise I went. This was the third trip there for me in four months, and I'm really starting to fall in love with the place. What? Boise? I know, but it's really cool!

I got into town Thursday at dinnertime and took a smokey cab to the hotel, where my only goal was to get myself caught up on perusing the 'Roid Week pool. I did that and was blown away by the quality of work I saw (I think this was the best 'Roid Week ever), then worked on some of my own Polaroids, readying them for posting. I talked to my husband for a while, then turned on the dreaded television. We watch a lot of stuff on Netflix and a couple shows on Hulu, but our actual TV is not even plugged in, so TV is like crack for me. I watched really horrible shows until 2 o'clock in the morning! I'm usually fast asleep by 10! But really, the first night away from home, I don't sleep anyway, so what better way to waste it than by watching trash on television? I knew you'd see my point.

I woke up a mere three hours after I finally turned off the tube, and at 7, my swanky government fleet vehicle ride appeared and we headed out on Highway 55 to Boise National Forest so I could shoot a couple cabins and a guard station. There was fog, snow on the road, a pink outhouse, wolf tracks, frost, giant puddles, a mustard-colored couch, door locks that were smarter than us, outhouse portraits, a fire crew, slash piles a-flame, cinnamon pine cones, Ponderosa pine-sniffing, downtown U-turns, a car wash, hot-as-hell Flying Pie jalapeno pizza, ice cold beer, and really good company. Saturday afternoon I flew home, and here I am missing Boise and wishing for more field days there with cool people.


Megan said...

I loved your photos on Words to Shoot By! This one is awesome. I haven't been to Boise since I was a kid but you make it sound way cooler than I remember it. I'll have to go back as an adult!

Heather Tullis Photography said...

I'm glad you (kind of) heart Boise. I (really) heart your polaroid!