Friday, April 30, 2010


Today marks my first day guest posting on the very lovely Habit! Thanks to Emily and Molly for inviting me to join the amazing crew for the month of May. I'm very excited and honored.

A word about this photo... I woke up yesterday morning with tears streaming onto my pillow. I had to catch my breath. I had been dreaming about my grandma again. I miss her so much. It seems strange that almost a year has passed since she did, yet in my dreams, it feels like it's been only a day. The sadness and grief are still so very near.

On a happier note (sorry to be a buzz kill), 'Roid Week 2010 begins on Monday! I can't wait to see all the gorgeous Polaroids that will be posted on Flickr. It really is a special week. There is sure to be lots of PX100 and PX600 work about. That's the new monotone integral film from The Impossible Project, and if you can get it right, it's magical. It's very frustrating film to work with, but with a little determination and rule-following, it's downright beautiful. I can't wait to shoot it again, but it'll have to wait till I've got the ATZ and FadeToBlack films out of my paisley blue and striped SX-70s, and the 600 out of my SLR 680. A friend of mine has the one SX-70 that was empty, and she's also got one of my packs of PX100. I can't wait to see what she does with it!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, and one with sunshine and blue skies. I'm so over the snow here in Utah! Cheers!


Emily said...

Hi there. I'm here via Habit and just couldn't lurk after reading about your dream. Bless you.

Hang in there.

I love that you have Bird by Bird next to your bed.

Here's hoping for sweet dreams...

Carol Mikkelson said...

I noticed "Bird by Bird" by your bed also. Keep reading, it will fill your soul.