Thursday, March 11, 2010


Next week is the start of something big, something very different. I am going part-time at good ol' so I can work part-time for the Forest Service. I am so anxious for this change. I feel like I've been running myself ragged the last few weeks. I've been feeling a little like the Polaroid below. Discombobulated. Disconnected. Maybe a little broken. I've been trying to fit full-time Backcountry work and part-time Forest Service work into the same day, mixed with regular life, and it hasn't been successful, so I'm very excited to free up some time to balance each job equally. And hopefully this means that I'll have a little more free time to burn through some film! I'm itching to shoot another roll through my Great Wall, and I've got Polaroid galore just sitting in my fridge waiting to be used. A couple of weekends ago when I spent a whole Saturday playing with cameras and sitting in the sun, I remembered what I have been missing. I think it helps that spring is just around the corner too, so here's wishing it comes fast and is quite good. No more snow!