Wednesday, February 10, 2010


One month and four days in, and I'm already making progress on my list. We had friends over for dinner a couple weekends ago and I crossed #8 off right quick. Saturday afternoon, I mentioned to a friend that I'd always wanted to make tomatillo salsa, and by Monday afternoon, it was underway. I was actually making the beginnings of dinner and by the time I was pulsing away with the food processor, I realized I could cross #16 off. The salsa was incredible, if I do say so myself. I'll be writing about it on Budding Foodie soon. And the last item about food, I'm making #21 for a family party next weekend. Yay Nutella! I've been a cookin' machine lately. It's awesome.

The wheels are turning for #22, #28, and #31, but the big one right now is #4. It's all going down starting tomorrow. My front room is littered with new bathroom goods, and my cousin is coming in the morning to rip all the existing things out. Everything goes but the tub. New shower surround, new toilet, new vanity/sink, new fixtures, new hardware, new floor, new backsplash, new towels, new rugs, new shower curtain. I. Can't. Wait. Progress. It's good.

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henzy said...

wow.. at this rate you'll be done with your list in no time