Monday, February 01, 2010

Five Years of Blogging!

February is here and so is the time to celebrate my blog's birthday! On February 27th, this space will turn 5! I feel like a geezer. See the first post that started it all. I'm sure you're wondering what I'm going to do to celebrate. Since blogs don't eat cupcakes or want to go bowling like I do on my birthday, I decided to open a spanking new shop! Please follow this link to my new shop at Big Cartel, where you'll find all of these items in the photo above, and many, many more. I'm offering prints and note cards, and for the first time ever, postcards! Most everything in the shop is recent, from my summer travels, to my lovely fall trip to NYC, to our relaxing December vacation in San Francisco, and also for the first time ever, I'm selling note cards of my Lubitel snow photos.

Everything is professionally printed and is ON SALE until the end of the month, and for a special treat, if you leave me a comment here and buy anything in my shop, I'll throw in a 5x5" Polaroid print for free!

PS: I still have a few things in my Etsy shop too, but most of it is at the new shop, and as always, if you see something here or on my Flickr photostream that you'd like as a print, I'm happy to do custom orders.


madorange said...

Congratulations on 5 years Steph! And the new shop. It looks fabulous.

Amanda {Mocking Bird} said...

Congrats on 5 yrs, Steph!
That is quite the milestone. :)
Hooray for film photography shops!

Liz said...

I'm so much in awe of you guys/gals that have blogged long term - five years! of your life right out here?! Well, i've always been a bit of a self-doubtie-scoutie (i just made that up) so, really Steph - i do admire you!!
Congrats. And cheers to at least five more years....

Anna said...

i'm a little late in reading this post, but that doesn't mean i can't congratulate you just as heartily! 5 years is a big milestone and your new shop looks fantastic.

Jan's camera said...

Beautifull mosaic! And congratulations. I can only imagine the work that goes into creating and maintaining a blog. Great job.