Monday, September 14, 2009


Our newest word - light - is now up over Words to Shoot By. These images are such a complete deviation from my usual stuff, but I had so much fun with them and hope to make more.
Words to Shoot By was an idea I got in my head back in February after a trip to Moab with the Take a picture, it'll last longer! crew. I worked on a project for a few months with Elizabeth that we kind of just let slide unfortunately. It was a lot of fun and a good challenge, but quite time-consuming. Maybe we'll reinvent it at some point. Anyway, I had gotten into "project mode" and wanted to try something collaborative again, so I asked a few friends to join me, and voila! Words to Shoot By came to be. It's been just over five months since we started and I'm still having such a great time with it. I just love how creative everyone is, yet how different our styles all are, which is why it's so exciting for me to announce that we're inviting guest contributors to the project beginning September 28. More creativity! More diversity! Hooray for words! And thunder. That's what I'm listening to as I type.

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Wendy said...

Again. Yours are best. How DID you do that?