Thursday, August 20, 2009


I felt like doing something a little non-traditional (for me) this past weekend, so I made some photos of my niece and nephew, Maggie and Garrett. We hung out together at my dad's Saturday evening and had pizza and rigatoni before heading outside to play in his beautiful yard. My dad has the most gorgeous house and the lushest yard and most fruitful garden. I'm so jealous, yet so proud. We had just walked through the gate to the garden, Maggie and I, and my aunt walked in a few minutes later to pick some produce and Maggie said to her, "You better not takin' my goods!" Maggie spends a lot of time in "Gampa's" garden and she takes ownership of everything. No one was allowed to pick raspberries but her Saturday night. Her rule, and we obliged. I love these monkeys.

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Wendy said...

HE is a cutie.