Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm a little bummed today, and it's silly, really. About two months ago, I injured my foot somehow. Seriously, somehow. I was sitting at my desk, shopping on the internet for an hour or so, quickly got up and instantly had a screaming pain at the base of my toes. The next day, it started swelling. I went to the doctor who referred me to an orthopedic specialist, who then referred me to physical therapy, and I was irritated because I just wanted the specialist to fix it. FIX IT! Everyone was baffled. Maybe a cyst ruptured? Maybe it's a stress fracture? X-rays and ultrasounds showed nothing but random swelling. The PT determined I had a chronically sprained ankle, and it was exacerbating whatever was going on in my foot, so she treated me for that, and long story short, after eight weeks physical therapy, today I graduated. Pain is gone, swelling is nearly gone. I'm not 100% but I've drastically improved, and good to go.

So why am I bummed? Especially when I was bugged that I even had to go to physical therapy in the first place? I knew it would help. I cracked my ankle years ago and physical therapy really helped that time, so I went again. It was expensive and time consuming, but obviously it works. Back on track, I'm bummed because I don't get to spend my Tuesday mornings with Grayson, my PT, and Lyle, her assistant (I don't know his title). I spent an hour or so every Tuesday morning for the last eight weeks laughing, hearing good stories and just having fun. They are both super cool people and as I left, I wish I could have channeled my three year old niece Emma, who has the amazing ability of walking up to random girls and saying "You're my friend, K?" I wished I could have said that before the door shut behind me. It sounds silly, I know. Well, there are probably rules about medical professionals and patients and whatever anyway, maybe that's just for dating. I don't know. And for weeks, I've been thinking about how we joke with my friend Cass about her filling our quota for an ethnic friend, which led me to thinking that Grayson could fill my quota for a friend named Grayson. Anyway, so yeah, that's why I'm bummed. You just get used to people, you know?


Wendy said...

Glad your foot is better.
Grayson could fill the quota for "friends who don't know they're friends" as I'm sure she'll be quoted at parties and gatherings for years to come.

Steph Parke said...

You're a dork, and thanks.