Monday, October 06, 2008

$3 and 30 Seconds

It's amazing how something as simple as $3 and 30 seconds in a photo booth can magically transform three girls into giggling, goofy 13 year olds! My friend Wendy and I spent this last weekend in Oregon, and had a ball. We met up with my Flickr friend, Elizabeth Soule on Thursday in Portland for delights at Saint Cupcake, shopping/drooling at Noun: A Person's Place for Things, amazing house-made pastrami at Kenny & Zukes (and I had the most delicious potato salad ever), and then we laughed and made fools of ourselves in the lobby and photo booth at the Ace Hotel. What a wonderful afternoon, day, weekend and trip.

Watch my Etsy shop for new Polaroid prints from Oregon!


turtle tracks said...

Are you still in Portland? If so, you should definitely stop by Blue Moon Camera & Machine. (This is BlindTurtle from Flickr, by the way.)

Wendy said...

Hey...I was there!
Love the pic.

Wendy said...

And...I believe it turned out to be $6 and at 3 minutes for each process, and waiting for the additional groupies to finish up the trend we started, the tally is up to nearly a half hour.