Thursday, August 31, 2006

Diving for Dave

Last night, we thoroughly enjoyed the Dave Matthews Band show from the sixth row (Trav's 10th Dave show, my 8th) at the horrible Usana Amphitheater. Two girls in front of us were dancing and having fun and one of them became increasingly drunk. She left for beer six or seven times and was just a tiny little skinny thing, so you can imagine the effects. Toward the end of the show, one of their buddies showed up and all three of them began carelessly passing around a joint and they then became increasingly high. Dave and the guys then bust out an 18-minute version of "Two Step," my all time favorite DMB song, live or otherwise, and at the end of the song, Dave throws his guitar pick out to the audience. Drunk/high girls don't even notice and it lands at their feet. I see that no one is going for it, so I dive head first over the immoveable row in front of me and lose my shoe temporarily. Trav sees that I can't quite reach the pick, so like what every wonderful husband would do to help, he puts his hands on my butt and shoves me over the chairs. I then grab the pick and wrestle to stand back up over the row of chairs and then proceed to scream and yell and carry on, proudly holding the heavily worn pick high over my head to show the world. Some guy immediately offered me cash right then and there for it, starting at $50 and finally ending on $250 when I shouted "No! It's not for sale!" in his face. The drunk/high girls, five minutes later, finally realizing something happened with a guitar pick on their row and one of them turns around, sees that I have the pick, yells "THAT'S AWESOME!!" gives me a high five and asks to kiss the pick. I oblige, knowing that if she had been paying attention, I wouldn't have this sweet Dave Matthews guitar pick that he played all of the Salt Lake 8/30/2006 show with. I rock.

Behold, the pick:

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