Sunday, May 14, 2006

Desert River

We're building a small patio today in our backyard, and in between hacking down renegade dandelions and lugging giant red square bricks around, I'm inside seeking refuge from the early heat of May and posting this photo. A while ago, Travis and I went out to the West Desert so I could take some pictures. We were speeding along I-80 when I saw this blue strip flash in the corner of my eye. We stopped and backed up and saw that the strip was a man-made river in the desert. It was really odd and what was even more weird was that a highway patrolman stopped and told us not to park there but then drove off without making us leave. My first photography run-in with the law! It was a fine day.

Holga/Fuji Superia 100

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Otto K. said...

Really nice. Love the muted tones. I haven't tried that film yet in my Holga...been mainly enamored of the Holgaroid combination. :-)