Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blurry Distance

In an effort to procrastinate on some writing projects I've got on my list, I'm writing here instead. I work extremely well under pressure and have so conditioned myself to not lift a finger until that do-or-die moment and well, that moment is still off in the blurry distance, kind of like this photo. This was the first shot off the third roll of b/w that I've run through my Diana. On a gloomy, not yet done with winter Sunday, my husband and I drove out to Antelope Island in Great Salt Lake. As far as photography goes, the trip was more or less a bust, but we had a fine afternoon together while we munched on Canadian Smarties (kind of like American M&Ms but in my opinion, just plain nasty, sorry northerners!) and sang aloud to our Big Head Todd and the Monsters car concert. We finished the day with some delicious chile verde and a pizza from Roosters, a local brew pub with its roots right here in Ogden. Fine food, brew and atmosphere, so if you're ever in Ogden...

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