Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Miss Kelly

The first collaborative project in a long while over at showcases doors. Check it out. You can see a color Holga shot of mine (look for the title “Blacksmith”) and many other really great and interesting photos. The Diana/Fuji NPH 400 photos below were two that I took while on the door theme. Because hindsight is 20/20, I like these two much more than the one I actually submitted to the collaboration, but such is life. I like these two because they are much more characteristic to how I normally shoot. The Holga shot is a little too busy for my taste.

These two images are making me crazy for Fall and I can't figure out why. Autumn. I can’t get enough of it. I love the socks, fleece, flannel, oranges, reds and yellows, pumpkins, falling leaves, crisp night air… At the end of October each year, my friend Kelly comes to visit. She and I met while working in Yellowstone and have been pen pals ever since. The day we met, I had been out of the park for a long weekend and she had just arrived. I walked into the employee dining room and saw myself sitting at a table. With dark curls and glasses and on work days, in our pink pinstriped flight attendant-like front desk getup, we looked like twins. Guests used to ask if we were and we’d laugh and explain that we’d just met and that Kelly was from New York and I was from Utah. Even now, when an entire year spans between visits, we find that we’ve gotten our hair cut the same or bought new glasses with similar frames. I look forward so much to seeing Kelly again this year because our visits are always lovely and so full of all things Fall.

I hope this season has been just wonderful for you, Miss Kelly, but come soon because Rainbow is just not the same without you.

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Astrobeck said...

Great commentary as always. And I'll take door number 2 please!
Great shot. Too bad about the Moose shot below, but hey, at least you got a pix of it, and it let you!