Saturday, August 17, 2013

'Roid Week Offerings

Already a month ago, 'Roid Week 2013 was a big deal. It always is. It's a weeklong celebration of Edwin Land and his magical legacy of instant film. I meant to post these as the days went by, but it didn't happen. I have had good intentions with my blog this summer, but it's just been too busy. I've started posting over on my food/recipe blog, Budding Foodie, once a week and that has sort of gotten my blogging attention since I've had time to cook but not to play with my film cameras. It's been so long that I honestly thought of selling some of my cameras just recently, but then thought, "Don't be stupid, Stupid." So settle down. No one's going to get a steal deal on any of my cameras. Or my film.

So 'Roid Week. These were my offerings this year. Goodies from Oregon, Capitol Reef National Park, Mirror Lake in the Uintas, and cozy little Ogden Valley. All places I love. All shot with people I love. It's been a beautiful year so far.

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