Friday, May 10, 2013


We're kind of obsessed with double exposures, Vanessa and I. First, back in May 2011, we started our little 35mm film-based project that we originally, aptly named 35mm Doubles. We've developed 19 rolls of film, and posted 16 on our blog (we'll get to the others, promise). 

Then about a month ago, we decided to branch into the digital world, and start pairing our iPhone images via an app called Blender. We opened an Instagram account @thedoublesproject, where we post daily. And in the last couple of weeks, Vanessa moved our blog over to, so we've got nice and tidy, uniform names.

We've also got an Etsy shop, where we sell prints of film and iPhone doubles galore. Go check it out. You'll see some of these images here, plus lots of others. And follow us on Instagram @thedoublesproject to see new double exposures from us every day.


azuree wiitala said...

These are so incredible you guys!!!

Matthew said...

Verry niice.