Sunday, January 08, 2012

Life as I Know It

It's been just over three months since our amazing trip to Yosemite to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Those three months have been busy to say the least. Life as I knew it was sort of upended for a while due to school and some family things. The last two weeks have been a nice break, especially from the urgent urgency of homework and online lectures.

The bad thing about a break though is that it always ends, and tomorrow, life as I know it will again be turned upside down. It's the first day of spring semester 2012. I'll omit the #killmenow and #ineedavacation hashtags today - but I'm sure they'll pop up at some point in the next five months. It's going to be a busy time but I'm looking forward to learning more and getting another semester closer to graduation.

So, back to Yosemite, because obviously I wish I were there now. I've been wishing for three months that I could beam myself back there for three more carefree days weeks. I've had a list of things to get out of the way before tomorrow and I'm happy to say I can cross "edit Yosemite photos" off. I've got so many to share.

These two above were from our drive toward the east entrance of the park. We were on our way out of the valley, headed toward Tahoe for a night before driving home. We were climbing out of the valley on Tioga Road and came upon an area with a prescribed burn underway. We slowed to about 15 mph and choked our way through the smoke. I wanted so badly to stop and get out to shoot but the fire crews in the area were stationed there to keep tourists safe, and that included keeping us in our vehicles. I was able to shoot about 50 digital snaps from the moving car, and these are two of my favorites.

I'll be back as soon as my schedule allows to share more of what I saw in Yosemite. In the meantime, homework...


Revrunner said...

Very nice shots, especially from a car!

daniel j. taylor said...

"Next blog" took me here, and I love your pictures! I visited Yosemite during the fall and LOVED it.

I had a blog to document our trip which I've since stopped updating (I use one associated with this user profile now) but I have some of our Yosemite pictures on there. You may enjoy them since you were recently there yourself.

I sure hope you upload some more pictures soon, I'd love to see them!

Fleur said...

Next blog took me here as well. We were in this area a couple of years ago. Unfortunately we didn't get to spend as much time as we wanted in Yosemite.

Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks, south of Yosemite are also beautiful...and less crowded.

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Great! Love the photos.=D