Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This week on Words to Shoot By, we chose a unique word to interpret with our cameras: kaleidoscope. I had such a fun time shooting for it, even though my original idea was squashed by my fear of blasting through my last two packs of Polaroid Spectra in mere minutes. I had planned on shooting quadruple exposures with my Minolta Instant Pro and some Spectra, but after doing just one and seeing how terribly overexposed it was, I opted for something else. I thought on it for a couple of days, then Googled "online kaleidoscope" and found this fun website. I immediately began drawing my kaleidoscope, then shot a few digital exposures at around a quarter of a second, half a second, then one full second and saw some crazy variations. I cleared my drawing board and started over again and again, adding new elements each time. I had a ball and shot over 200 images! Overkill, yes, but it was just so cool to experiment with. These images above are my favorites of the bunch.

PS: Words to Shoot By has an open call for entries again! The word is "habit" and the deadline is Saturday, April 23. Join us, won't you?

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