Sunday, February 13, 2011

Note to Self

Dear Steph, next time you go play disc golf at your favorite park on a beautiful spring-like Sunday and you decide to throw a Polaroid SX-70 in your camera bag to shoot photos of all the awesome trees at Creekside, make sure there's film in it or else you'll be stuck shooting photos with your iPhone and trying to make them look cool with Lo-Mob. Note to self: Polaroid is so much cooler than an iPhone app.


shanon said...

Awwwh, that sucks. I think we've all been there, be it missing film, dead battery, etc. =( And I agree with you, it's so much cooler than an iPhone app. SO MUCH.
Better luck next time! =)

Ashley said...

Oh I hate it when that happens! Polaroid is totally cooler than the iPhone app, but I find that I feel less constrained and worried about cost of the film with the iPhone. A good way to stretch my creativity I guess.

Roma said...

polaroids all the way, something more humble yet brillaint about them :) !

Just wanted to say your blog is beautiful! It's atmospheric, honest and a joy to read/look through..i look forward to more!

P.s. I'm pretty new to this whole blogging thing and was just wondering if you had a spare moment..could you take a look at my blog?! Love or detest it, any comment from a pro like you would be much appreciated! Thanks! :) xx