Thursday, July 08, 2010

A Decision

a new adventure - july.8

Wow. Believe it or not, two posts in two days! I had a lot of time to ponder a new project for myself today, and I've come to a slightly hesitant but excited decision. I had a field day in beautiful Logan Canyon today, where the 8-hour/234-mile trip was punctuated by thirty glorious minutes in the sunshine at gorgeous Tony Grove Lake, where I realized how much I loved contributing to the very lovely habit and decided that if I were to do a 52 weeks project or even a (gulp) 365 days project, it would need to be loosely based upon habit's principles. When I participated there in May, it truly did become a "habit" for me to shoot one photo of any moment of my day, and write a short sentence or two about that particular time or the day as a whole. It was exciting and challenging and quite comfortable all at once, and I've missed it these past weeks. So, I think that's what I'm going to do for a while and I'm ready to commit. I'll still keep up on all the other stuff I do as well and yeah I know, like I really need another thing on my plate, but lately I feel like I need this. So here we go. This is Day 1 of what I'm unofficially calling "365-ish". Wish me luck. (Here's the set on Flickr where I'll be posting everything.)

Oh. And so my thought for the day:

I saw my first snake in the field today and screamed like a little girl and yes, several people heard me and saw me spaz out.


madelyn said...

i adore this image and
just for the world

s p a z

alone i feel thrilled to have popped by

looking forward to your 365 ish

Brooke said...

sounds like a great idea. and like a bunch of fun!

I'm loving your photostream on Flickr, by the way. :)