Monday, May 24, 2010

Pack Your Bags

This is long overdue I have to admit, but better late than never, right? Several weeks ago, my husband surprised me with a quick weekend getaway to Moab and Arches National Park in Southeastern Utah, a place we both love tremendously. It's so rewarding having places like this to run away to with only a 3-hour drive.

On the way down, I got bored in the car and ending up purchasing the Hipstamatic app for my iPhone, along with a few extra "lenses" and "films". I love shooting with the Black Keys version of the film, something I quickly learned in the car. I also love shooting with my iPhone because it's discrete and not cumbersome by any means. I only wish it had a zoom.

In Arches, my husband and I hiked to Sandstone Arch, the Broken Arch loop, Tapestry Arch, the North and South Windows, Delicate Arch, and Landscape Arch in Devil's Garden. We weren't there too long, otherwise we would have hiked to Double O arch and probably the quick walk to Double Arch. It was such a wonderful weekend.

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