Thursday, April 12, 2007

Far from Home

I spent a good portion of my day looking at our vacation photos from last summer and came across this one, far from home, at Lake Tahoe. We just pulled off the road somewhere on the California side at a spot that looked like a good put-in, and found this peaceful, calm protected bay of sorts. We paddled south a ways then drifted slowly back toward the car. As we floated about a thousand feet off shore, we enjoyed watching a party from afar that was going on back on land. It was so quiet out on the water that we could hear the music and laughter being shared. It was our first night at Tahoe. How I miss you.

Salt Lake Toy Camera Club meets April 22. Be there or be 6x6.

Tonight, I'm listening to iTunes on shuffle:
"Into the Mystic" Van Morrison
"Look After You" The Fray
"Distractions" Zero 7
"Come Calling" Cowboy Junkies

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