Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Topped Out

It's so nice having Wednesdays off. Today, I am vegging in my pajamas, readying images for my upcoming website and just enjoying my midweek break from work.

Here is a stitched panorama from photos I took back in September 2005 on our annual hike to Ben Lomond peak. We started the hike at the summit of North Ogden Pass, switchbacked for a while as the sun rose, meandered through a misty, cloud-filled forest for a few miles and topped out here on the ridge at about 8000' with 180 degree views from Ben Lomond about three miles to the north to Mount Ogden and the Wasatch range southward. We stopped here for some trail mix, a bathroom break and to layer on more clothes, and I got out the Ansco Super Memar for a few shots. These were from the first black and white roll I put through it. The mountain in this shot is 9200' Mount Ogden, maybe six or eight air miles away, probably 25 by foot.

Lightleaks? Here's your solution.

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