Saturday, July 23, 2005

Trash Talk

My husband's employer participates in the "Adopt a Highway" program and twice now I've joined the crew, donned a bright orange vest and gathered trash along Redwood Road in Salt Lake City. On both occasions, I've had the pleasure of picking up the thrown-out with a coworker of my husband’s who has an amusing penchant for dead animals. At the first trash pickup, she found a hooved something or other in a ditch and moments later, we all laughed as she stuffed a flat cat into a trash bag. This last time, I was lucky enough to hold the bag open for her latest find: a squashed, slightly un-striped skunk.

Aside from her apparent morbidity and twisted sense of humor, she’s so very kind and downright comfortable to be around. In the short time that I’ve known her, I’ve fallen in love, so here’s to trash, the Log Flume, Hari Krishnas, air conditioning and a new friend. Thanks, Ms. M.

Polaroid found along Redwood Road

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