Monday, May 16, 2005

Diana in Yellowstone

Well, our first big trip of the year is over. Last week, we had the pleasure of spending six wonderful days in Yellowstone with our Texas friends, Michael and Kelly. Travis (my husband) and Michael are cousins and have been best buddies since they were miniature versions of themselves. Kelly is Michael's wonderful wife. Each year, we look forward to meeting up and spending time together and this year, we drove up to the park together and took a million pictures, got snowed on, saw two black bears and ate a ton of junk. What more could you ask for?!

Here are just a few images I took with my Diana, a camera I really had no feelings for until now. She makes some beautiful color images! These were all made on Fuji NPH 400.

Bacterial mat and sinter deposit at Crested Pool.

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Leon said...

superb colours on this one steph