Monday, March 21, 2005


I'm consistent. You can count on me to wake up fifteen minutes late. You can trust that I'll have a toasted wheat bagel with peanut butter for breakfast on every work day. You can lay a bet on the fact that my gas tank will never drop below 1/4 full. You can rely on my genuineness. You can recognize me by my constantly curly hair. I'm consistent, when it counts, but when it comes to photography, I'm not so. I thought for a time that I'd always shoot black and white. Then I thought I'd only shoot landscapes. When I got into color films, I swore I'd only shoot color. With cameras, you can count on me to be inconsistent. I shoot whatever suits my fancy now, but I still have my consistencies: I'll never shoot with a digital camera; I only shoot with Fuji films -- Acros and NPH are my favorites (they're very consistent!); I never shoot between during midday unless it's cloudy; I never go out without my Holga...

I like to be very structured. I don't like to be surprised. I make plans and try to avoid spontaneity because it'll throw off my day. I just like things how I like them. BUT, in order to prove my inconsistencies, here are a few different photos. Yeah, yeah, some are outside (something you can count on from me) but they aren't my typical outside shot. I think abstracts can be very interesting and I hope you think these are. Enjoy.

White and black on color

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tread said...

Beautiful image...I always miss things like this with my camera...great work.